Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Liddy's First BATH

Liddy had her first bath when we got home from the hospital!!  My mom always gives the new babies their first baths... I was happy to let my mom do it! I would have been nervous, she was so tiny :) 

she hated every minute of it... 

Once it was over, she was happy! She did not like the sponge baths at all... but once she was able to get into the infant tub a few weeks later, she quickly learned to enjoy bath time! She loves it now! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Time to start blogging again :) Our sweet baby was born on Friday, February 18th at 7:34am.  She was due on Feb 13th, and 5 days over due is a LONG time! I was DYING and so ready for my baby to be here! I had a doctor's appointment the day before she was born, and there was NOTHING going on. I was distraught.. so my doctor gave me castor oil in hopes of getting things going.  I took castor oil on my own the day after her due date, and it obviously didn't work.  apparently i didn't take enough, because my Doctor gave me a huge amount to take at my appt.  They told me to mix it with juice and a Tbsp of baking soda, this was a mistake...  Castor oil is disgusting.  But mixed with juice and baking soda it turns into a chunky, oily beverage, and it was awful! I could barely keep it down.  However, at 11:45pm I started having contractions!   She was born about 8 hours later.  So I LOVE castor oil, it really works!  My contractions started at less than 5 mins apart. I called the doctor, and we headed to the hospital. By the time we got there they were less than 2 mins apart, and I was ready for an epidural.  After the epidural Ryan and I both went to sleep for a couple hours, and she was here before we knew it!

These pictures were taken at the hospital.  A photographer came by and asked if she could take Liddy's picture, I assumed it was the simple hospital snapshot with the hospital blanket and hat so I left Ryan and Liddy with the photographer. When I came back 10 mins later I was shocked that it was a real photo shoot! She had props and had gotten Liddy's blanket out and they were looking really cute! I was dying that my baby was being photographed and she didn't have a headband on! So i quickly got a headband out of my bag and put it on for the last couple of pictures.  At first I was sad that I missed out on putting a big bow or flower on her head for her first photo shoot, but then I decided this is probably better for us. She will probably have a flower or bow on her head in every picture for the rest of her life, so I decided it is nice that these pictures when she is only a day old in the hospital are just of her- nothing distracting :) and I love them.  

Liddy Kate Jackson

This is my favorite
We love her 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Harley Trip!

We took this trip clear back in MAY.... I'm sooo late blogging about it, but I have SO much to catch up on from the past few months! We had so much fun I couldn't leave it out! I never thought I would be a motorcycle girl, but Ryan loves it! We have done short rides out to dinner, but this was a serious TRIP! I was totally nervous about being on the back of a motorcycle for 2 days... We went to Flagstaff for the weekend with the Jacksons, Murphys, and Laidlaws. Those  couples flew on the Murphy's plane, and Ryan and I drove the trailer with all the Harley's. I had to put a picture of my helmet that I loved way too much... I tried to dress the part :) I will admit I was way more excited about the trip after shopping at Laidlaw's! yes those are pink rhinestones as the Harley emblem haha!

So we got to Flagstaff on Thursday night, and Friday we did a 200 mile loop. From Flag we rode to Sedona, to Jerome, to Prescott and back to Flagstaff. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! The scenery was so amazing. Sedona was so fun, we stopped and ate lunch and shopped at the cute shops. Jerome is a town built on the side of a mountain, it was amazing! It is like a ghost town that is full of artists and good food. I love Prescott, it is the sweetest little town and we enjoyed walking around the town square and shopping. 200 miles is a LONG way to ride in one day! This day was great because we stopped and walked and had a break from the riding. 

Saturday we rode to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to the Grand Canyon, so I was so excited to go! However, there is no place to stop between Flag and the Grand Canyon, so we rode for 100 miles there and then another 100 on the way back! I was SORE! As fun as it is, it is not the most comfortable ride :) But I loved it anyways!

Ok I had no idea that there was a secret hand signal between Harley riders... I was laughing, and this was arguably my favorite part of riding! Lisa and I practicing our "I'm sweet, your sweet" acknowledgment to the other riders! Ryan did tell I was only allowed to give it to others who were riding a Harley... I guess there are "uncool" motorcycles :)

We had such a fun weekend, and loved the rides! It was fun to be with the other couples. We are looking forward to the next trip!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Exciting News!!

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a baby GIRL in February! Of course I was DYING to find out the gender, so we went yesterday when I was 13 weeks and 6 days. Ryan and I really are so excited! I would  have been excited boy or girl, but I will admit I have had a nursery for a baby girl pictured in my mind for the last 3 years! I know exactly what I want for a girl, from the wrought iron crib to the crystal ornaments tying back the drapes haha, a boy i would have been a little lost :) She will be the first granddaughter on the Jackson side, and Lindsay's little girl who is due in October will be about 4 months older than our little girl. It couldn't be more perfect! We really can't wait!

I know I am always sad when I look at a new post and there are no pictures... I actually have lots of pictures to post from all our trips from this summer, but since we have moved in with the Jacksons I havn't been able to upload pictures!! But we are working on getting that fixed :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tea Party!

My best little friend Skylar turned 4 this week! My friend Tiffany threw Skylar the cutest tea party ever, and skylar looked adorable! I was lucky to be invited!

The birthday girl with her best friend Hudson

The big kids, who probably had more fun than the little kids dressing up :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Party!

We had easter in St. George and it was a party!
This was a race between the sisters (except for lindsay because she is pregnant and we are way to competitive!) we had to run up the slide and find the white balloon in the bounce house that was FULL of hundreds of balloons and get it out of the bounce house. It was a FIGHT! In the end I came out of the bounce house with the white balloon :)
we had way too much fun in the bounce house!!
Ryan's easter basket... im not too creative
We stopped in Vegas on the way to Utah and ate at the bellagio

Cake Pops

My mother in law, my mom, and I made these arrangements for their church meeting. Everything for the meeting was black and pink, so we corridnated the dessert in those colors.  I had to hurry and tie the bows so i could take a picture before I left, so they are messy haha. I saw a picture when the were set up on the table at church (and the bows were fixed) and it looked really cute! We had fun making them!

These are the cake pops we did for christmas for friends and family